Sunday, August 29, 2010

ςλRε ßελЯš

This is my group

yess there is : kensy (shere bears), gia (wish bears), lala (best frirends bears), neko (daydream baers), senna (grumpy bears), ruby (secret bears), me,indah (harmony bears), and marcus (bedtime bears) .

i love them sooooo much ^^ ....

senna good at drawing. This picture shes make 

' we love each other '

the things we did together          : 
☆ dancing

☆ dancing

☆ dancing and

☆ dancing 

lol . we really like to dance ^^, together and anywhere hehe

thats all about care bears .

Saturday, August 28, 2010

happy time ^_^

happy time with friends
im happy if i saw my friends is online heehhee cause i can play with themmmmmm . i lost one my friends but thats ok T 3T .

 * ahhh wait . i love to change my look -,-. with my friendss ruby,lala and senna =)

* i think is is my shock face =0=  (forgot this is my pict with my friends not only me  SKIP )

 * with senna COLL ^^

 * with lala =) childlish face . as i said i love to change look

 * with ruby cool and marcus (hes blind ? -0- haha kiddng  )

* andd this is my fiends mcd family lol . they always give me hamburger . but i wish sometime they give me spagetti and  macfllury . ahahahha happy with them ^^

* with narutan he's genius u can see in his room he have magic room ^^b and hes funny too ^^

theres neko, kazu, and ruby, we r danceing together :D

and much more really HAPPY playing with them !! ~

ლ(╹◡╹ლ) FINALLY !

heheheheh ....... 
finally i could make this blog -,- .I do not know what should I write now ...

ฺ                    I will introduce myself                 ฺ  

im harmony bears from care bears ^^ .My name is indah

im love my friends very much

I live in Indonesia

although I am from Indonesia, but sometimes I hate  Indonesia people . idk why , but sometimes they like to tease me without me knowing what is  my mistake =,=

                                                               this is my pico           


 ok thats all  ^^v